An RV, unaffordable housing and marijuana

The fun continues up there in Ulster County. Yes, I keep receiving links including this one to Hugh Reynolds’ column. I’m not sure which part I find funnier – the Bernardos buying an RV to travel the country but instead will spend that money on Terry’s campaign (yeah right) or Hugh listening from the hallway in GOP headquarters. Read for yourself.

Hugh Reynolds Kingston Times

Word is that Terry is out soliciting contributions at GOP events of late and since Ulster GOP’s campaign finance filing shows just under $13,000 on hand in January, I’d say garnering financial support for the former Legislature Chair will be a difficult, if not impossible, task. Far be it from me to declare myself a political strategist, but common sense seems to indicate that in politics people support winners. When an incumbent Legislator holding the top post in the County’s legislative body fails to get reelected in her home district, that doesn’t spell winner to me.

Meanwhile folks in Kingston are trying to focus on another RUPCO project funded by who else – the taxpayers. I’d say the high per unit cost of the project should be evaluated and considered. $20 million sounds like a lot of money to me. Perhaps it’s my finance background but $363k per unit for affordable housing seems a bit steep.

RUPCO project for Midtown Kingston

And I’m sure there will be some ridiculous comments and assumptions about the pot growing farm being pitched by NY Growing Partners for Saugerties that County Exec Hein supports. Hey, jobs are jobs. I think.

Marijuana Farm Proposal for Saugerties

And isn’t the internet great? I know what’s going on without even being there. Loving life in sunny Florida. Keep me posted people!

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Baffled, befuddled & bewildered

Oh yes, it could be a new song, but it is my condition following the continued news of Terry Bernardo’s run for County Executive.

Rascoe & Company of the nearly defunct Ulster GOP must be fuming because some, if not many, people will be concerned that Terry’s candidacy will hurt rather than help Legislative candidates this year.

Somewhat shocking, although given the overall state of Ulster County politics I suppose it shouldn’t be, is the Conservative Party endorsement of Bernardo. Are you kidding? Look at her track record in the Legislature – spend, spend, and spend some more. Certainly not a fiscal conservative. Given that the Bernardos and Conservative Party Chairman Ed Gaddy have been friendly for quite some time I suppose Ed had to fork over a favor.

Not surprising is the early announcement that the Independence Party will endorse Terry Bernardo as their candidate, which followed the news story that Len Bernardo knew nothing about Terry running. If there’s any truth to Len – Chairman of the faux-party aka the Independence Party – not knowing his wife was going to run for County Executive, then I offer a big “uh oh.” No one runs for office – and certainly not countywide office – without the blessing and full support of their spouse.

And then one must ask – just what happened to change the minds of the self-appointed Independence Party leaders since this quote from Fawn Tantillo back in 2011 after they endorsed Hein for his reelection bid – “Mike Hein has demonstrated the leadership and work ethic that the residents of Ulster County deserve,” said Fawn Tantillo, Ulster County Independence Party Endorsement Coordinator and Deputy Party Chairman.  “The Independence Party of Ulster County is an organization that believes in pro-business policies and fiscally sound government practices that foster economic prosperity for all.  We believe that Mike Hein shares those values and that is why we are endorsing him for a second term as Ulster County Executive.”

The Bernardo egos grow bigger. The loss will be painful. The further break-up of the Republican Party in Ulster County is inevitable and just when I thought things couldn’t get any more absurd, they do. I remain baffled, befuddled and bewildered.

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Is competition the right word?

I think James Nani – reporter for the Times Herald Record – used a poor choice of words in an article appearing over the weekend (see link below). He opened the article with “County Executive Mike Hein has some competition.” Really?

Aren’t competitors supposed to be on a level playing field of experience of skills? I mean I’d like to be a tennis champ, but does that mean I should challenge Serena Williams? Enough said.

Who wants to guess how long it will be before the GOP makes a public comment about Bernardo’s candidacy after her abrupt shut out at the GOP convention? Anybody?

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Bernardo v. Chipman

I can’t help but share this other news I received via Facebook message last night. Len Bernardo wants to run for Town Supervisor in the Town of Rochester against Carl Chipman. Hmm…if this happens, I wonder if Bernardo gets the Independence Party line. Knowing how that corrupt little party of ten operates, probably so.

And back in 2013 after Terry Bernardo’s defeat, you folks were dreaming of a day in the near future that the Bernardo pair would leave town and go off to wreak havoc on another community. Not such luck apparently and now they’re both running for office. You’re going to have so much fun up there in Ulster County.

I predict a great show between Hein and Bernardo. Oh, and there will be an even better show between both Bernardos and the GOP. Watch.

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Bernardo’s baaack!

Ah, yes, I am having fun and enjoying life in sunny Florida, but as a lifelong Hudson Valley resident I cannot help but occasionally read the online news stories. Early this morning before I could read anything – I received a Facebook message instructing me to read the Freeman, a Linked In message with a link to a Daily Freeman story and then another Facebook message with a link to a Freeman story. Clearly something was going on that I needed to read.

Who would believe that after (well, okay it was during) reading the Freeman article I would end up laughing so hard I cried? I’ve been pretty much laughing spontaneously since reading that former Legislature Chairwoman Terry Bernardo plans on running for County Executive. With or without the GOP nomination. Go ahead, I’ll wait while you laugh. Take two minutes and then wipe your eyes.

It is way past April Fool’s Day, but Bernardo didn’t get the memo. She must be attempting a cruel joke on the Ulster GOP as you can tell from the Freeman story, which is a must read. Who in their right mind (sort of an important facet to this) would show up at a nominating convention where the only supporters you have are ones you bring including several former paid staffers and a former Congressman with a less than stellar past?

If you recall Bernardo failed to win the Republican nomination when she sought reelection in her own Legislative district back in 2013. Her tenure as the first woman to Chair the County Legislature was mired with controversy (most of which is cataloged on this blog) and while she won the GOP primary in 2013 she went on to lose in the general election to Lynn Archer, her replacement who is seeking a second term. Common sense would dictate…okay, never mind that…if you cannot retain a Legislative seat even when you held the top post (coerced by her husband’s position as Chair of the Independence Party) of that governing body how can you possibly believe that you can win a county wide race for the top job against an incumbent with a likely 80% approval rating? Only someone not in their right mind.

It seems my intuition to put this blog back to live status several months ago was correct. I had a feeling that the historical content might be useful given this is an election year.

The Bernardo saga continues and the two bad pennies keep turning up.

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It’s an election year

No, I’m not posting on this blog again, but given that it’s an important election year I thought some might like (or hate) having this site back up and accessible. You never know what old information might be useful in upcoming campaigns.

Hope you’re all well. I am doing just fine in sunny Florida.

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This time it’s for real

for rent sign

So in the midst of Cuomo being investigated by the U.S. Attorney’s office for accusations of tampering with the actions and recommendations of the Moreland Commission and Kevin Cahill successfully tossing Susan Zimet off the ballot in the 103rd Assembly District thus avoiding a primary (yeah, yeah, Cahill says he had nothing to do with it), it seems like a perfect time as any for me to confirm that yes, I am moving to Florida later this month. This ‘for rent’ sign was placed in my front yard by my landlord yesterday and I am heading to the sunny south this week to rent a house. I am permanently vacating New York State on or about August 26th to beat the Labor Day traffic.

The reality is that I have little or no hope for anything to improve in New York in the near or distant future. In fact, I fully expect it to get a lot worse before it gets better. I hope for all your sakes that I’m wrong, but we’ll see.

For more on my adventures in Florida as I make this exciting transition, friend me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter.

So long and be well.

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